Montana Mary (montanamary) wrote in collegedorming,
Montana Mary

Arizona State U - Tempe

Does anyone have any information on the graduate program at Arizona State University - Tempe?

I graduate with my BS in Comm Dis in May and I am exploring where else I might want to apply for masters. Any information would be appreciated - good, bad, or indifferent. I've checked out their website - now I'm looking for the "real" information, I know that what's in the catalog and what's "real" are not always the same!

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October 31 2006, 16:50:20 UTC 10 years ago

all i know is that there are HOTT girls at ASU!! i'm sure you would love that mary:) you should check out, it might have some info for you and even if it doesn't, it's an AWESOME site! good luck!