jorgedrunk (jorgedrunk) wrote in collegedorming,

Facebook and Drinking

I'm a student at UC Berkeley and I also have a website: The Resident Director at the dorm where I live decided she had to find a way to get me in trouble for drinking. Despite never been caught violating any policies she assumed I did because of said website. Anyways, one day I was reported for singing in the courtyard, I was drunk but being drunk isn't a violation of dorm policy here. During my hearing however the RD tried to get me in trouble not for being loud but for Facebook pictures. The story went online at a popular school news website and people were outraged. Do you people think that pictures from Facebook, Myspace, or personal website should be used to get people in trouble? Keep in mind these pictures weren't being used as evidence for having been caught drinking but as a separate violation.

I think as long as you don't get caught redhanded there is nothing you can do about it. I have some more information about this story on my website.
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