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New mod // various stuff

Hey everyone! french_hoorn here. iemapplescript recently made me a maintainer, so I thought I'd try and live up to the job. I'm a resident assistant and president/founder of my campus's NRHH chapter, so yeah, the passion for living on campus is definitely there. ;)

I've started by giving the community an icon - it's more or less a stand-in until someone comes up with something cooler. The icon itself is one of the symbols of National Residence Hall Honorary: the chain of leadership. Membership in NRHH is one of the highest honors someone living on campus can receive, so I figured the chain would be a good thing to have in an icon for a community dedicated to on-campus living.

I've also added a few more things to the Interests on the info page and plan on tweaking the userinfo a bit. I'll also be promoting this community like whoa and asking other college-related communities, specifically the ones directed at on-campus life, to be affiliated with us. This is an awesome community and I think it has a lot of potential.

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